Intelligent Modules are designed to provide a level of smoke and accurate temperature existing in the ambient air along with its address.

Intelligent Modules

Intelligent Addressable Input Module I-9300Overview
Addressable Input Module
- Monitors switch contacts of remote equipment
- Loop powered
- Inputs programmable for NO or NC contacts (Programmable via P9910B handheld programmer)
Intelligent Addressable Input Interface I-9300SOverview
Addressable Input Interface
- Input interface for connecting non-addressable initialization device into GST intelligent system
- Small in size suitable to be inserted into back box
- Electronically addressed
Intelligent Addressable Single I/O Module I-9301Overview
Addressable Single I/O Module
- Addressable output module
- Optional dry contact output or active 24VDC output
- Loop powered for relay application
Intelligent Addressable Output Interface I-9301SOverview
Addressable Output Interface
- Output interface for connecting non-addressable output device into GST intelligent system
- Small in size suitable to be inserted into back box
- Electronically addressed
Intelligent Addressable Dual I/O Module I-9303Overview
Addressable Dual I/O Module
- Addressable I/O with 24V / 3Amp relay output contacts with 2 independent circuits
- Input can be configured as NO / NC or self confirmation of output
- Two part plug-in construction with base mounted termination
Intelligent Loop Isolator C-9503Overview
Addressable Loop Isolator
- Isolates faulty part of the loop in the event of a short circuit
- Automatically reset once the fault has been cleared
- LED status indicator
Intelligent Base Mount Short Circuit Isolator C-9504EOverview
Addressable Base Mount Short Circuit Isolator
- Replaces standard detector base (DZ-03)
- Cost effective installation without the need for additional cabling
- Features as per C-9503E
Intelligent Base Mount Isolator DC-9504EOverview
Addressable Base Mount Isolator
- In the event of a short circuit isolates faulty parts of the loop
- Automatically resetting once the fault has cleared
- Compatible with digital range of detector
Intelligent Addressable Zone Monitor Unit I-9319Overview
Addressable Zone Monitor Unit
- Interfaces with conventional fire detection equipment/panels etc
- Can connect up to 15 detectors with Active EOL or up to 25 detectors with Resistor EOL
- Ideal for integrating Sprinkler Zone Valve and Flow Switches
Intelligent Passive Remote Indicator C-9314POverview
Passive Remote Indicator
- Remote indicator for direct connection to detector via remote indicator terminals
- Compatible with Intelligent and Conventional series detectors
IntelligentAddressable Multi-Channel Interface DI-9309Overview
Addressable Multi-Channel Interface
- Cable monitoring for fault of short circuit and open circuit
- Interface board for plant monitoring and control
- Multi channel integrated for savings installation cost

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