Intelligent Base Mount Isolator DC-9504E

Addressable Base Mount Isolator

In loop type fire alarm system, such condition often occurs that partial short circuit of loop affects the whole system. DC-9504E Base Mount Isolator can isolate the shorted circuit from the whole system and light the yellow LED to ensure normal operation of other parts and locate the part in fault. After the fault is cleared, the part of the loop will be re-included into the system. The isolator is applicable to all loop type fire alarm systems, either Class A or Class B loop.

Product Details

In the event of a short circuit isolates faulty parts of the loop
Automatically resetting once the fault has cleared
Compatible with digital range of detector
Can be used standalone with cover or instead of standard base
Replace standard base of digital range detector (DB-01)
Cost effective installation without the need for additional cabling
Features as per C-9503E
LED status indicator
LPCB approved

Operation Voltage24VDC
Active Current1A
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: -10℃ ~+50℃
Relative Humidity: 95%
ApplicationIndoor use
Visual IndicatorYellow LED
DimensionsDiameter 100mm, Height 39mm (with cover)

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