Intelligent Fire Alarm Hand Held Programmer P-9910B

Hand Held Programmer

The P-9910B GST protocol programming tool, capable of reading and writing address codes, displaying model number, year of manufacture and batch number, plus display and adjust analogue sensitivity. Enable to adjust alarm threshold, N/C or N/O and switch on or off the rate of rise of dual heat detector.

Product Details

Programs all loop devices (1-242)
Programming of I2C protocol devices like Reflective Beam Detector and GST8903 Mimic Panel
Interrogates device for Condition - Manufacturing Batch Number - Date of manufacture alarm sensitivity
Re-program facility enables adjustment to alarm threshold of detectors
Able to switch on or off the rate of rise function of dual heat detector
Adjusts input modules to accept N/C or N/O contacts
164mm x 64mm x 24mm in dimensions

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