UL Listed Loop Isolator C-9503

UL Intelligent Loop Isolator

In loop type fire alarm system, it often occurs that partial short circuit of loop affects the whole system. C-9503(UL) Loop Isolator can isolate the shorted circuit from the whole system to ensure normal operation of other parts and locate the isolated part. The isolator is applicable to all kinds of loop fire alarm systems, suitable for Class A and Class B.

Product Details

Isolates faulty part of the loop in the event of a short circuit
Automatically reset once the fault has been cleared
LED status indicator
LPCB approved

Operating Voltage24VDC
Operating Current
Monitor Current: 3mA
Action Current: 15mA
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: 0℃ ~+49℃
Relative Humidity: 93%
Dimensions120mm x 80mm x 43mm

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